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Usman and Fozia Hameed
Happy Old Man


Our practice philosophy is to: "To deliver excellence in dental care to all our patients. To this end we employ the best practices in modern methods,  technologies,  in purpose facilities and through our highly trained staff."

​Aspley Dental was established by a brother and sister team, Usman and Fozia Hameed in 2015.  They have almost 40 years of experience between them and a wide range of advanced skills allowing them to provide the dentistry patients deserve.


Jessica Nazareth is our talented associate dentist who been with us from our early days. Jason Briggs, Jessica's husband joined our team of dentists in 2023. 

Usman and Fozia also own another leading clinic in Lancashire (Standish Street Dental) where they work with some of the country’s leading specialists. They decided to bring this successful vision for providing advanced dental care to their home town.

They are supported by their talented nursing and reception team: Jennifer, Vicki, Bianca and Zaheen. Val Clare is the Practice Manager. Our highly skilled dental therapists are Amy Beresford and Melissa Clark.

" We believe in providing an unique experience for our patients and treat you in the same way we would treat our friends and family. 

We want to ensure that you are given all the options that modern dentistry can offer. This way you can truly have the smile you want. "

Fozia and Usman 

About Us


Routine Exams


We provide thorough examinations to ensure we can provide the best oral health care. Our examinations include oral cancer screening, jaw joint (TMJ) and bite (occlusion) assessments as well all necessary tests such as x-rays.

Dental Hygiene


Our team of experienced hygienist's provide therapies which help maintain the health of the gums and teeth. Healthy gums can avoid the premature loss of teeth, maintain fresh breath and keep the teeth looking clean.

Short-term orthodontics

This minimally invasive treatment allows you to have straighter teeth. We are able to use clear ceramic brackets bonded to your teeth or the 'Six Month Smiles' system so you can barely see them.

Aesthetic dentistry


We provide the full range of cosmetic procedures including; tooth coloured filings, metal-free crowns, bridges and cosmetic veneers. We also provide  high quality natural looking dentures.

Dental Implants


An excellent fixed solution to replace missing teeth. We can also secure dentures with implants. We only use the market leading implant and bio-regenerative materials.

Teeth Whitening


We can brighten the colour of teeth with simple effective techniques for stained and discoloured teeth. We use in surgery Philips 'Zoom' Whitening or bespoke home whitening procedures.

Our Services


Years of Experience


Smiling  Clients and Growing


Happy Staff


Dr Usman Hameed - Cosmetic and Implant Dentist
Dr Fozia Hameed - Six month smiles and clear braces dentist
Dr Jessica Nazareth - Dentist
Dr. Usman Hameed
Dental Surgeon
Restorative and Implant Dentistry
Dr. Fozia Hameed
Dental Surgeon
Short-term orthdontics & Aesthetic dentistry
Dr. Jessica Nazareth
Dental Surgeon
General & Aesthetic dentistry
Our Dentists
Success Stories


"...kind, gentle and understanding professional who thinks first and foremost of the individual needs of the patient...what a wonderful job he has done...I now smile a lot more and with confidence."

Mrs KS

"...absolutely thrilled to have found Aspley Dental. For years I have been anxious...well no longer. I could not be more delighted with all the work I have done and recommend this practice to everyone."

I have always been an extremely nervous patient...I was put at ease immediately...I recieved a totally painless root canal followed by crown...I am delighted with the experience."

Mrs JL

Mrs GL

Contact Us


Our Address

Aspley Dental, 107-109 Wakefield Road,

Huddersfield. HD5 9AN. \ Tel: 01484 422312 

Opening Hours

Monday -  Thursday 09:00AM – 17:30PM

Friday  09:00AM – 16:30PM


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